Wi-Fi 6 will soon go mainstream and usher in the metaverse

“As our need for speed grows, Wi-Fi 6 and then Wi-Fi 7 will help us make the most of our new technologies.”

Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

Ask most internet users, and they will agree that faster is better when it comes to their Wi-Fi service. In light of the recent seismic shift to a larger remote workforce, the rise of new technologies like virtual reality and the metaverse, improved speed and bandwidth throughput is becoming more critical to our everyday lives. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest technology that will help address these and other needs for improvement in our wireless world.

If you are curious about this new, faster technology and how it will grow and affect our productivity and entertainment, check out this excellent introduction to Wi-Fi 6 By Monica J. White for digitaltrends.com.

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