Why everyone you know is on Zoom

“Video conferencing has exploded in our new stay at home world and ZOOM, has become the king of conferencing apps. This recent article from FastCompany helps us understand how the how and why.”

– Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

While we continue to social distance, stay at home, and work from our home offices, the most popular way for us to meet for business or get together with family and friends is video conferencing. The paradigm shift in this space is nothing short of amazing as “Zoom” has taken over both work and play in the age of COVID-19. When I started to participate in and organize virtual meetings, I asked myself, “Why Zoom?” Why not other applications I had used previously (the first to come to mind was SKYPE).

Well, thank goodness author Mark Wilson must have been thinking about the same question when he wrote this 8-minute read for FastCompany.

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