Why 2020 was a banner year for ransomware

Ransomeware 2020

“2020 was a banner year for ransomware. Defending against these attacks is hard enough; keeping up-to-date helps you know what to look for!”

Glenn Baruck, Chicago Voice & Data

2020 was indeed a challenging year and not necessarily a good one for many things. Unfortunately, one thing that did thrive in 2020 was ransomware attacks. As many of us pivoted and settled into our new work from home environments, the bad guys saw this as an opportunity to exploit our new norm and launch the highest number and most dangerous varieties of ransomware attacks in recent history. Experts predict that the situation will continue in 2021, but as we know, information is power. This recent article by Bernard Brode for securityinfowatch.com covering the five of the most significant 2020 attacks and the changing threat landscape is an excellent place to start gathering intelligence.

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