What Kind of Mask Should My Kid Wear?

“If you have young children, this article is for you as we move forward into new phases of re-opening our economy.”

– Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

As cities and towns all over the US move forward into new phases or re-opening, face masks are still recommended (and often required) for everyone when in public and social distancing cannot always be observed. These recommendations apply to teens and adults as well as children over the age of two. Although experts point out that you’re generally not as concerned about young kids catching the virus (Severe cases of COVID-19 in children are relatively uncommon), they recommend that you worry about protecting others should your child be an unknowing vector. The question of what type of mask is best for your child to wear is now top of mind. This article by Chloe Schama for VOGUE provides some good (and sometimes lighthearted) insights into these concerns.

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