Top 15 cybersecurity predictions for 2022

“When looking into the cybersecurity crystal ball, it’s better to look into one that contains predictions from the experts.”

Glenn Baruck, eDot

In 2021, a record number of ransomware attacks against businesses and organizations of all types and sizes impacted our world. Publicly, we felt the sting of these attacks in gasoline shortages, interruptions in our meat supply, and disruptions of hospital services. Ransomware also caused billions of dollars in additional expense to private businesses and in many cases forced companies, large and small, to cease operations when they either could not afford to pay or lost data and access to their systems.

2022 is projected to be just as challenging, if not more. This article by Maria Henriquez for provides excellent insight from cybersecurity experts into what they predict will be the top cybersecurity trends for 2022. These predictions can be helpful as you create and implement your strategy for this year and beyond.

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