The urgency of cybersecurity for hardware devices

“IoT devices are amazing! Unfortunately, hackers also love them and look to them for a new way in.”

Glenn Baruck, Chicago Voice & Data

As if cybersecurity concerns for computers and computer networks were not enough, today, threat actors are becoming more advanced daily as they search for new vulnerabilities to exploit machine learning and AI tools within companies and organizations. Already targeting software and hardware gaps, these hackers have developed a new favorite, smart-enabled devices on the Internet of Things (IoT).

According to recent estimates, equipment connected to the internet is growing exponentially and will produce more than 30 billion IoT connections by 2025! That is a lot of connected devices to consider when addressing your company’s cybersecurity. In this piece by Chuck Brooks for, the author suggests several innovative solutions that may help you combat these growing threats to IoT devices in your organization.

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