The best password managers in 2021

“A New Year’s resolution that is worth keeping and could save your identity!”

Glenn Baruck, DigiTek

Happy 2021! The New Year has arrived, and with it, a new set of well-intended resolutions. As we begin 2021, one resolution that should be at the top of your list is to review and update your online passwords. While you are doing so, you should consider using a password manager if you are not currently using one. A reliable password manager can simplify your life, so you don’t have to remember numerous, complex passwords for all your online accounts. It can also enhance your cybersecurity by automatically creating new passwords for you that are much more secure than the ones you make on your own. That said, not all password managers are created equal, and each has its nuances and costs. To help you decide which one might be best for you, check out this robust list of “Best password managers in 2020” by Paul Wagenseil of Tom’s Guide.

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