Surge In Working From Home Raises Cyber Exposure Issues

“Telecommuting is the new normal for millions of employees. With this comes increased cybersecurity risk, especially for those new to the remote workforce.”

– Glenn Baruck, eDot

For the time being, working from home is now the new normal for millions of employees/team members who traditionally have been office-based. This new paradigm has come fast and furiously as protocols for protecting ourselves from the spread of the Coronavirus evolve almost daily in the direction of increased safety and social distancing.

This sudden surge in telecommuting brings with it the reality that home-based workers, especially new ones, may now be at a higher exposure level for cybersecurity issues than they were working on-site.

In this article, author Judy Greenwald for Business Insurance provides insight into the increased cybersecurity risks for telecommuters, suggests some cyber hygiene best practices and covers some of the potential insurance questions regarding cybersecurity breaches of home-based employees. Whether you are a business owner, manager or home-based team member, there is some useful info here for all.

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