Shopping Black Friday 2023? Our Tips for Scam Protection and How to Shop Smart

“Ready, set shop! Before you click, we suggest you read this!”

Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

This Black Friday 2023, it’s projected that a whopping 68% of buyers will choose to shop online for their holiday deals and 66% on Cyber Monday. According to a new online survey about holiday shopping by Drive Research, 2.5X more people will shop online for Black Friday deals than those shopping in person, highlighting the ongoing shift towards a more convenient and flexible shopping experience.

As the excitement for Black Friday 2023 builds, so does the need for caution amidst the bustling online shopping landscape. In this digitally focused shopping world, protecting yourself from scams is paramount. This insightful article by Dale Smith and Nelson Aguilar for explores critical tips for scam protection and how to shop smart this Black Friday season. From navigating enticing deals to safeguarding your personal information, knowledge is key to making the most of the holiday shopping frenzy while securing your online experience.

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