Security’s role in getting back to business

“A billion dollars’ worth of insight in this article on how security and technology will play important roles as companies continue to refine their strategies for re-opening and to operate in the new post-pandemic world.”

– Glenn Baruck, DigiTek Security

Large companies and small companies continue to work on and refine their plans for re-opening as we continue to adjust to the Coronavirus climate. Of the numerous factors that go into this planning process, experts contend that proper systems engineering will be critical for successful business operations in the current and post-epidemic environments. This recent article, written by Steve Lasky for, highlights content from billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio on the future of the economy and the opportunity to re-shape how we do business. One of the many concepts covered are the roles security is the role security and technology will play in the re-engineering of the new normal for companies to keep their teams safe.

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