Risk assessments in focus amid security challenges

“IoT devices are amazing! Unfortunately, hackers also love them and look to them for a new way in.”

Glenn Baruck, Chicago Voice & Data

COVID-19, supply chain shortages and talent scarcities are just a few of the more immediate challenges business owners have had on their plate these last few years. These newer problems are in addition to the usual concerns that organizations face daily.

Therefore, business as usual has now become unusually complex. In many cases, these new complexities have distracted owners and management from addressing what were once” everyday issues” and left their risk assessment and planning practices la king at possibly the worst time.

Well, now may be a good time to assess your risks. Fortunately, Mike Zblewski has written an excellent column for Securitymagazine.com that reviews good risk assessment practices to help you get your organization back on track.

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