Ring App for Android Full To the Brim with Third-Party Trackers: Report

“Be careful; your smart devices may be outsmarting your efforts to secure your personal data.”

РGlenn Baruck, Chicago Voice & Data

You know that you are leaving digital breadcrumbs when you are on the internet and searching in your web browser but you might be surprised at some of the other places that are also receiving these critical bits of digital info.

Recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation published the results of an investigation into the Android version of the Ring app (you know, the one that works with that hugely popular doorbell security camera?). According to the investigation, this Android app (version 3.21.1) reportedly includes a plethora of trackers sending out customer data to third parties. Following their investigation the digital rights group said Ring for Android version 3.21.1 is “Packed” with third-party trackers that collect customers’ personally identifiable information including names, private IP addresses, mobile network carriers, persistent identifiers – long-lasting references to digital objects – as well as sensor data. If you find this a bit discomforting, check out this short piece by Charlie Osborne for Zero Day for more info.

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