Report: Enterprises caught off-guard by remote work cybersecurity challenges

Remote work may seem simple as you’ve settled into your home office. However, security is a complicated challenge for many organizations.”

– Glenn Baruck, Chicago Voice & Data

The rapid move to telework as COVID-19 took hold of our world has resulted in unforeseen consequences for many organizations

Numerous organizations struggled to find the right remote working solutions even before the arrival of a global pandemic. Subsequently, as COVID-19 took hold and shelter-in-place orders became the norm, many organizations were forced to rush to implement remote work solutions that they had initially planned on phasing in with time. According to the most recent research, this common scenario has raised security concerns as the world jumped head-first into the “Age of telework.”

For more insight on this ongoing concern, check out this article from SecurityInfowatch author Bernard Brode. Brode’s piece provides an excellent overview of the issues and some helpful links to further information.

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