Video Entry Systems

Audio communication and video verification for greater peace of mind.

Video entry systems are an indispensable component of modern security surveillance solutions, providing a robust layer of protection for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. By integrating cutting-edge technology with intuitive functionality, video entry systems facilitate better communication between residents and visitors and offer enhanced security in all applications.

Much like their traditional telephone entry counterparts, video entry systems streamline visitor authentication and access control. However, combining audio communication with visual verification offers a distinct advantage. These video entry systems elevate security to unprecedented levels by allowing building occupants to converse with visitors and visually confirm their identity before granting access.

One of the key features of video entry systems is their ability to provide real-time visual feedback, allowing residents to assess the situation and make informed decisions regarding access. Whether it’s a delivery person, service provider, or unexpected visitor, users can rely on the integrated camera to capture clear images of the individual seeking entry. This visual confirmation significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access and enhances overall peace of mind.

Ideally suited for commercial facilities, industrial sites and residential complexes.

At DigiTek Security, we understand that every property has unique security requirements. Our professional system designers and installers work closely with clients to design tailored video entry solutions that meet their specific needs. Whether you’re safeguarding a residential complex, commercial facility, or industrial site, we have the expertise and resources to deploy a comprehensive system that ensures seamless access control and maximum security.

In addition to providing door entry systems with cameras, we specialize in integrating video entry systems with advanced access control management systems. By leveraging the latest in access control technology, we empower clients to exert precise control over who enters their premises, when they enter, and where they’re allowed to go. This seamless integration enhances security, streamlines administrative tasks, and improves overall operational efficiency.

With DigiTek Security, you benefit from high-quality video entry systems and Chicagoland’s most experienced design and installation team. You can rest assured in the protection that DigiTek Security provides for your property, assets and team members with cutting-edge security solutions designed to meet the demands of the modern world. Experience the ultimate peace of mind with our comprehensive door security systems and access control solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can safeguard your property against potential threats and intrusions.

Partner with DigiTek Security.

When you select Digitek Security, you’re not just engaging a service provider – you’re securing a dedicated partner committed to your business’s security, safety and prosperity. Our complimentary site surveys assess your unique needs and provide tailored solutions to your concerns. Our unwavering dedication to your satisfaction sets us apart. Contact us today for Chicagoland’s most professional surveillance and access control system design, installation and support. Our team is committed to helping you ensure your organization’s long-term security and safety.