Prepare for seasonal weather emergencies and reduce risk

“Heat waves, wildfires, floods and more! Seasonal weather emergencies can stop your organization in its tracks or worse!”

Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

Flip on the news, and undoubtedly you will hear a story about the latest severe weather emergency in our increasingly unpredictable world. As extreme weather events become more common, preparing for them is paramount for businesses, individuals and communities.

In her recent article published in Security Magazine, author Shannon Copeland examines the essential strategies that can effectively mitigate risks associated with weather-related crises. Reviewing the insights provided in the article, you can gain valuable information on proactively addressing the challenges posed by changing climatic conditions. From understanding the potential hazards to implementing practical preparedness measures, read on if you don’t have a plan or haven’t revisited yours in a while.

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