People: The missing piece of the insider threat puzzle

“Properly protecting your organization is not just an outside-in function.”

Glenn Baruck, eDot

Protecting the infrastructure of a business or organization has traditionally been a predominantly reactive exercise. Organizations have been spending large sums of money on cyber security defenses that react to outside threats. While a necessary part of a sound security strategy, another critical piece of the puzzle often gets overlooked. That piece is about people and insider threats.

Insider threats, where individuals within an organization misuse their access to sensitive data or systems for nefarious purposes, pose a significant risk to modern businesses and institutions. While much attention focuses on technological solutions like firewalls and data loss prevention software to mitigate insider threats, the human element is often neglected. In this insightful piece by author Claire Moravec for, Moravec explores the crucial role of people in the insider threat puzzle and highlights the importance of understanding human behavior, motivations, and vulnerabilities in mitigating the risk of insider threats.

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