MDU property managers shut door on lockers in favor of smart package rooms

“New tech can help solve package handling problems for multifamily and apartment buildings and residents.”

Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

Do you shop online? Do others in your family shop online? Of course, you all do and based on the continued growth of e-commerce sales; it seems like just about everyone you know shops online too! Yes, e-commerce sales are soaring, and according to eMarketer, the United States e-commerce market reached over $843 billion in 2021, number two behind China!

The continued growth in online shopping also continues to fuel an enormous increase in package shipments and deliveries. And these more frequent deliveries are stressing concierge services and residents of multifamily and apartment buildings.

In this recent article by Ned Hill for, Hill dives into the growing problem of package handling in multifamily and apartment buildings and some incredible new technology that may relieve this common and growing concern.

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