LastPass Says That People Are Still Bad At Passwords

“Let’s face it; our brains weren’t designed to create complex passwords to foil the bad actors and still be able to remember them!”

– Glenn Baruck, eDot

The results are in, and according to the most recent study commissioned by password-manager app purveyor LastPass, our brains are not very good at creating secure passwords. The study concludes that as in previous study results, too many people still try to ease online security by reusing the same passwords across multiple sites and keeping them simple enough to memorize. Even more impressive was the fact that the study also showed that 91% reported knowing that using identical or similar passwords can lead to an attacker taking over multiple accounts with one stolen password. Yet millions of us continue to keep making the same mistake!

If you want to know more about the findings and how to do a better job of protecting your identity, check out this 3 minute read by Rob Pegoraro for FastCompany.

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