Is My Smart Fridge Listening to Me? And Other Concerns

“High tech, high risk? Know what your smart devices can hear and reveal to others!”

Glenn Baruck, The eDotFamily of Companies

Smart devices continue to become more commonplace at home and work. Your refrigerator can now tell you when you are out of milk or even order eggs when you run out! Smart devices can now let us know when our clothes are dry, start our morning coffee and help us keep an eye on our pets.

As our appliances and other devices continue to become more intelligent, there is also the fear and real-life threat that they may be listening to our every word and revealing private information to people or companies looking to capitalize on them.

This concise piece by Rachael Roth for highlights a few of the most commonly owned smart devices (mainly for the home, but they could be in your office too!) and the threats that may present to your privacy.

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