Here Are The Biggest Challenges 10 IT Leaders Are Facing Today

“IT leadership is more challenging than ever. See what 10 IT leaders said are their most daunting challenges from recent interviews at the Midsize Enterprise Summit.”

Glenn Baruck, eDot

These days, being an IT leader today is no easy task. The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced our workplaces in ways many never fathomed and caused numerous changes that solution providers are helping their clients with day in and day out. These include helping to provide air-tight security around computer networks and better securing data, among others, while adjusting to the new normal of remote and hybrid work arrangements.

If you are an IT leader, take solace in knowing you are not alone. In this brief article, C.J. Fairfield for highlights the most significant challenges 10 CIOs and IT directors say they are wrestling with today when interviewed at the Midsize Enterprise Summit, hosted by CRN parent The Channel Company.

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