Employees Say Workplace Safety Is More Important Than Ever

“Attracting and keeping high-quality employees is not only about salary and benefits. Workplace safety is growing as a key concern.”

Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

The feeling of insecurity regarding workplace safety is increasing with the rising number of workplace threats and incidents. According to a recent study by AlertMedia, a large majority (90%) of workers believe that their employer has a legal and moral obligation to protect them from unnecessary risk of harm. However, as incidents continue to rise, only half (55%) of working Americans feel their employer has increased their efforts to ensure their safety than in previous years.

In this article by facilityexecutive.com, you can explore the numbers in more depth and get a better feeling for the pulse of the U.S. workforce when it comes to their most significant organizational safety concerns and how these concerns affect employee retention and loyalty.

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