Cyber-Physical Ignorance is No Longer a Defense

“Red alert for CEOs and organizational leaders! Cyber-Physical Ignorance is No Longer a Defense!”

Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

Smart buildings, appliances, appliances and buildings, self-driving cars, digital assistants, automated manufacturing systems, and more are combining further to blur the line between our physical and digital universe. The benefits of this evolution are tremendous.

However, as we know, hackers have been breaching servers for years, stealing valuable data and other information and holding our information hostage for ransom. As our physical and digital worlds continue to blend even further, the risk of these bad actors breaching our physical side becomes more real daily. Everything from thermostats to robots and security cameras is now in play as hackers look for new ways to disrupt and profit from our reliance on the benefits of digitalizing our physical world.

This article by Bud Broomhead for pulls back the curtain of this disturbing trend and provides ideas on protecting yourself and your organization.

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