Current Russian conflict in Ukraine sets up a global game of Cyber Chicken

“If you are responsible for organizational security, experts profess that your success may only be as good as your willingness to listen.”

Glenn Baruck, eDot

Security and technology experts, including former U.S. State Department veteran Richard Clarke, caution that a potential hybrid war of cyber chicken with Russia may escalate beyond the network if the risks are not entirely understood.

Similar to the story of Cassandra in Greek Mythology, whose warnings of the fall of Troy went unheeded, according to Clarke, when it comes to risk analysis and business intelligence, alarms are only as good as the intention of those who choose to embrace them.

In this recent piece for, author Steve Lasky takes a deeper look into this theory. He talks about how Russian cyber warfare, including bots, may already have influenced recent events in Canada and may soon do so in the United States.

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