Can multi-factor authentication save us from password-based attacks?

While cybercrime continues to explode, one thing hasn’t changed. According to the experts, we are still pretty lame in creating our passwords.”

Glenn Baruck, DigiTek

Check your favorite news source, and you will see it’s still happening at an alarming rate. Cybercriminals are everywhere and looking for their next victim. Large corporations, SMBs, personal accounts and organizations of all types are in their crosshairs. Many times, the only thing standing in their way are the passwords we create. Our password creation skills are where some of the most significant concern lies as experts try to figure out the best ways to protect ourselves, our customers and assets. Looking at the current state of passwords is seems that most of us need something to prevent our worst instincts when it comes to choosing passwords: using personal information, predictable keystroke patterns, password variations, well-known substitutions, single words from a dictionary, and – above all – reusing the same password for many different private and enterprise accounts. Shifting our focus into the future, especially for organizations, we need to figure out what an effective, modern password policy looks like. This article, written by Sam Bocetta for, covers the topic well and provides some practical help to boot.

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