Beware of fraudulent websites promising to help you get vaccine

“FOMOV is real and opens the door to cybercriminals and scammers. Get informed and be careful!”

Glenn Baruck, Chicago Voice and Data

FOMOV (Fear of missing out on the vaccine) is real and has millions scrambling to find a place where they can receive a shot. The good news is that vaccine supply continues to increase, allowing some states and local areas to expand vaccine appointment qualifications to include broader groups of people. Also, at the same time, more and more people are receiving their vaccinations. All great news! However, in many areas, vaccine appointments are still scarce and difficult to come by. This situation has created FOMOV and opened the doors for cybercriminals and scammers looking to take advantage of this fear. Already, over 96,000 fraudulent websites have by government agencies and are probably the tip of the iceberg!

If you have 5 minutes, watch this segment from the 3/29/2021 Today Show, it provides excellent insight about these scams and offers resources to help you find your shot too!  

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