As Ransomware Gangs Shift To Data Extortion, Some Adopt A New Tactic: ‘Customer Service’

“Not sure I’d trust a ransomware gang member to help secure my website!”

Glenn Baruck, The eDot Family of Companies

If you thought you’d seen and heard it all about ransomware attacks, think again! As the landscape of cyber threats continues to evolve, ransomware gangs are exhibiting a chilling transformation that’s taking extortion tactics to an alarming new level. Recently, as the focus of ransomware attacks has shifted from simple data encryption to outright data theft, an astonishing and unsettling trend has emerged. Some cybercriminal groups are embracing an unexpected approach: customer service.

In this article for, author and cybersecurity expert Kyle Alspach delves into this alarming trend, shedding light on how some ransomware factions are adopting a bizarre blend of criminality and professionalism to achieve higher success rates in their nefarious endeavors.

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