As Microsoft Shuts Down Windows 7, Security Risks Loom

“If you wouldn’t drink expired milk, why would you continue to run your business on Windows 7?”

– Glenn Baruck, DigiTek Security

As of January 14, 2020, Windows 7 End-Of-Life is officially here. This event, similar to the demise of Windows Vista and Windows XP, means that the company will no longer be providing software patches or security updates. The numbers vary; however, experts estimate that roughly 200 million PCs worldwide continue to run on older Windows versions, mostly Windows 7. What does that mean for your organization? If you are still running on Windows 7, your systems will not shut down; nevertheless, you will now be exposed to increased security risks as hackers look for ways to infiltrate out of date systems. This recent article by Steve Lasky for Securityinfowatch goes into more depth on the looming security risks and provides suggestions on what to do about Windows 7 End-Of-Life.

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