5 best tips for ransomware recovery

“Reality is that sooner or later, you will likely be hit by a ransomware attack. Best to be prepared.”

Glenn Baruck, eDot

The threat of a ransomware attack is as real today as it has ever been for your business or organization. Regarding network design, experts state that “Active Directory” is still at the core of most modern networks. This system for identity management, authentication and more, on-premises and in the cloud, is excellent but was created over twenty years ago.

Twenty years ago, there was little concern for ransomware attacks, disaster recovery and business continuity. Things have changed. Bad actors are all around us; unfortunately, disaster recovery is deceptively complex where Active Directory is concerned.

Hopefully, you won’t need it; however, in this piece from securitymagazine.com, author Jorge de Almeida Pinto lays out five essential tips and some thoughts on what establishes a solid Active Directory backup plan.

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