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Raw material and manufactured products are items that are commonly misplaced or stolen from manufacturing plants and distribution centers. There are typically many exits and entrances that provide opportunities for goods and raw material to be stolen if not properly monitored and secured.

DigiTek Security has a wealth of experience and knowledge in how best to secure manufacturing and distribution locations to ensure that your property does not walk out the door. By installing a surveillance system that is designed for these specific needs you can protect your investment and eliminate profit loss from theft.

Examples of our customers
Alliance Metals / Midwest Industrial Metals
Aspen Valley Landscape Supply
Big Shoulders Video Productions
C&M Recycling
Christina Foods
Freedman Seating
Hart Davis Hart Wine Company
IMTT (Chemical Distribution)
Linde Corporation (Fuel and Gas Additives)
Ozinga – Cement Plants
Marietta Corp
St. Charles Scrap
Steve's Equipment Supply
Toyota Tsusho Ameraica